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Music Industry Guides navigate the music industry! For starters If you have any music on any thing that has a barcode on it you are owed a share of the pie. ASCAP and BMI are unions to help you get that share. I've included there sites on this page. Unions take a small cut but its well worth it because they survey what's on the air and then get your share if your stuff is in the surveyed time. If your music is being used on the air and your unions not surveying at that hour then guess what - you get nothing! >.< If you have music on the web like at say at Kill Bill the movies website there is no pie for you so try to get what your worth upfront. Once you join a union its up to you to tell them what your music is on. The cue sheet is how you tell your union what your music is on - I'll post a PDF here of one soon but for now check the sites below I hope this is helpfull. Shranny.

Sell music through you can set prices - great for selling you ques to media houses! - I've done alot of this type of music and the norm is about $150 per min of use so I set my que prices at about $130 per que. - Also you can set it to download higher resolutions like 44.1 16bit! - And theres a great widget that you can post on your site! - band camp rocks! Shranny.
This site is so interesting to me I had to include it! Shranny.
Ascap - If your in the music industry you have to study this and BMI - its the law! ;) Shranny.
BMI - If your in the music industry you have to study this and Ascap - its the law! ;) Shranny.
“To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times
to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries”
(U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8) - says it all :) Shranny.
Copyright gurus ;) Shranny.
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About Free Music Theory Network: is run by me Michael Pelletier AKA Shranny who is owner/coder/dreamer/musician/teacher/student and The guy that made all these free music theory sites! ty for the visit :) - p.s. if you would like to help please donate with the button below.


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top rated phone
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This is my must have studio software list


This Software is fantastic for music creation.


Cant live without. The ultimate audio tuning software


Great set of audio tools. iZotope Studio great for mastering.


This is so much fun. Live lets me track fast and not loose the flow of a session.


Got to say the name to get the clients in the door ;)


The BIG acts use this to run everything. Performer is rock solid and the first sequencer I ever used and still use today.


Nothing better then electric pianos.


I use this all the time. Great for lyrics.


Let the healing begin. Reaktor is incredible I love it.


Works so well I've used it to much. Pro sounding drums in a tenth the time.